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Frank’s Flowing Self Awareness

Frank’s Flowing Self Awareness is a visualization of the fluid nature of self awareness. The self interacts with itself, forever entwined in the dance of consciousness, its forms both distinct and interconnected. The piece is intended to engage the imagination, inspire contemplation of the self, and induce a rejuvenating reverie. 

My sculptures are created using a combination of procedural modeling and volumetric sculpting. They are designed to exploit the capabilities of 3d printing and push the technology to its limits. I create forms that cannot be produced any other way. Viewing these impossible virtual objects in the physical world is a surreal, otherworldly experience. When we see complex compound curvature in a continuous form without seams, we intuitively know it is something that could never have existed before.

 Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). A very thin layer of fine nylon powder is deposited on the base of the printing volume, then a laser scans across the powder like an ink jet printer, but instead of spraying ink, the laser heats up and fuses the powder in the areas defined by the 3D object data. Another layer of powder is spread over the last and the laser fuses that layer, and so on for thousands of layers, until the solidified model is complete inside the volume of powder. The model is removed from the powder and blown off. The left over powder is reused. An advantage of this process is that the unused powder provides support for the model as it is being made, enabling the creation of very complex and delicate forms. 


$5,700.00 | 3.582 ETH