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The South Island of New Zealand is such a scenic place that it’s not unusual to stumble upon a vista like this while driving along an obscure road en route to a more famous destination.

The autumn is my favorite time of year to shoot, when the sun is fairly low throughout the day creating great shadows and, of course, when the fall colors really come alive. In 2018, I had the good fortune to conduct two fall photo expeditions: here in the southern hemisphere in April and then in October in Switzerland.

Malaghans Road Dreamscape fuses computational photography and artificial intelligence; specifically, it consists of a 30-shot, 241+ megapixel HDR panorama I captured in April 2018 that was ‘interpreted’ by a proprietary enhanced version of Google’s “DeepDream” AI software in June 2018.

$1,350.00 | 0.848 ETH