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Machina Infinitum




Jesper Nybroe

Jesper Nybroe hails from Denmark and is now located in Germany. He is a veteran Visual Effects Artist. With almost three decades of experience, he was doing VFX before they were digital. Jesper has been working with some of the best and biggest VFX companies all around the world, and has been involved in countless feature films, music videos, commercials and TV-series, including many award-winning projects.
Jesper was the first Scandinavian Flame Artist, and to this day strongly prefers Flame as a compositing tool.
He first discovered 3D fractals around 2013.
You can see his showreel here:

Matteo Scappin

Matteo Scappin is a 3D fractal artist with training in computer science. His interest in fractal geometry began at 16 years old with a fascination in the Mandelbrot set. He began working in 3D fractal art in 2015 with a focus in animations for events. With an interest in education, innovation, and community building, Scappin became an admin of Mandelbulb Maniacs, the largest 3D fractal community on Facebook, in 2017.


After the introduction of personal computers in the early 1980’s, everything changed. People now had access to digital painting programs. These programs kept developing over time and soon there was access to programs that could do 3D Graphics. Though these early versions needed a degree in computer science, it didn’t take long before these programs were made more user friendly. By the end of the 1980’s there were possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. Now, only our imagination is the limit!