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Chris Fallows

Ocean Air Earth

Chris has partnered up with MORF to create a digital rendition of one of his most famous marine works, Leviathan. Leviathan symbolizes an artistic celebration of symmetry, mood , clean lines and icon of the seals it’s subject, MORF brings it to life.

Chris sees this partnership with MORF as being an important adoption of modern technology to showcase the magnificence of wildlife to a new audience.

Chris believes the team at MORF are dedicated not only to pushing the boundaries of what is currently artistically possible with AI but also are committed to assisting in his efforts to inspire and marry the digital world with the need to conserve the natural world.




Chris Fallows is a South African born Wildlife Fine Art photographer with a world renowned investment grade collection of Limited Edition art works that artistically celebrate the greatest wildlife icons on our Planet. Chris’s work has been regularly featured on CNN, BBC, Discovery Channel and various other global networks.

Using his art work as a conjugate, Chris’s objective is to highlight the threats facing our planet, but also to visually inspire individuals, corporates and the next generation through impactful and meaningful fine art to celebrate and conserve our planet’s remaining icons. In so doing he hopes to be part of the movement to inspire humanity to adopt new ways to sustainably co-exist with and protect biodiversity.

In 1996 Chris was the first person to discover and photograph the world famous breaching great white sharks of Seal Island off Cape Town and his photographs are amongst the most recognizable in all of wildlife photography.

His 3,500 days spent with the Great white sharks at Seal Island have afforded him unprecedented opportunities from a number of perspectives namely, photographic and natural history.

Chris and his wife Monique also spend extensive periods with various wildlife species in the wilds of Southern and East Africa as well as photographing iconic wildlife species on all seven continents.

Chris has been the Co-host of The Air Jaws franchise, 2001 to 2021, on Shark Week.

These some 14 shark documentaries included the Emmy nominated, Ultimate Air Jaws.

All the works are created with completely wild animals. Chris’s artistic style is about creating a connection with his subjects and he uses engaging low angles, moody backgrounds and intimate perspectives to achieve this vision.

Chris and Monique donate all the funds raised through the sale of his works to projects they are involved with that buy land in Africa to rehabilitate, protect and conserve suitable habitat for wildlife. Contributions from the sale of the works also go to a select group of conservation organizations who Chris knows are making meaningful efforts to protect the environment.


My work reflects my passion for wildlife and the natural world in a way that aims to bring the very essence of what makes each species unique to the fore.

My artistic style is realistic but very intimate in that I purposefully try to bring my audience into the subjects life at eye level and in that way create a feeling of being with my subject rather than having dominion over it.

To create this feeling often means photographing from very low angles and using novel techniques that require getting very close to my subjects.

My composition style is clean and unobstructed with landscapes that empower rather than overwhelm my subjects resulting in a work that is impactful whilst still clean and pleasing on the eye.

My aim is to profoundly touch my audience in a way that emotionally connects them with my subject matter through a polarized range of emotions from guilt and sadness for what we have lost to awe and respect for what is left.

Ultimately I wish to unearth in them a primal desire to get in touch with the natural world that is our shared origin.

If I can achieve this then I believe there is another person on the path to sharing the planet rather than conquering it.


 Charities Supported –

Donations through the sale of art works to various NGO’s including –

Wild Aid- who through Asian celebrity endorsement have significantly helped raise awareness around rhino and elephant poaching and shark finning, resulting in reduced demand.

Bushlife Conservancy-  who with limited means have established a significant ranger presence in the Zambezi valley resulting in significantly reduced elephant poaching.

The Zambezi Elephant Fund- who through interventions such as rehabilitation, stopping illegal mining, anti-poaching patrols, and integrating local communities have significantly bridged the gap in human-wildlife conflict resolution.