MORF Gallery fusing Silicon Valley and Hollywood, provides fine art from award-winning artists that create one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces using breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and neuroscience. 

We add a new experiential dimension with an industry-first ArtStick™ that transforms any TV into a mind-expanding art gallery that takes premium collecting to a new level for the art lovers, collectors and NFT art investors. 




We are passionate artists and technologists that provide a personal, immersive way to discover and enjoy cutting edge collectable fine art right from your couch.

We make the gallery experience simple.  Simple to collect.  Simple to enjoy.   

The ArtStick is the gateway to your digital collection: all your art fits on one device that showcases it the way it was meant to be seen.

Until now it has been challenging for digital artists to sell their work and for collectors to buy with confidence.

MORF Gallery is pioneering security for art investors through state-of-the-art NFT technologies and our patent pending anti-forgery techniques.


Enabling digital art creation, encryption, distribution and playback tools transforming how the world enjoys art.
Scott’s experience includes leading Samsung’s multi-billion dollar display business in the Americas for more than a decade. He is a driver of industry megatrends like the vidification of devices, bringing the movie theater experience to homes and pockets everywhere and enabling TV’s that double as art galleries.


Steve‘s film career spans over 35 years. He’s painted environments for films such as: Life of Pi, Polar Express, Star Wars and many more. The last 12 years he’s combined his fine art painting with digital visual effects to pioneer his “Moving Paintings” and now has hundreds of collectors from all over the world.


The creator of our groundbreaking ArtStick technology. 
Nicolas has a passion for art and technology. As a Matte Painter and Environment Artist he has worked on Award winning Hollywood films and AAA games.  A tech enthusiast that thrives on building worlds and making beautiful imagery.



Steve’s career spans 40 years working in CMO, business development, and innovation roles at Samsung, Coca-Cola and P&G as well as tech startups.  He has successfully launched and grown loved brands around the world with the largest retailers and strategic partners.






A Robot that Paints with Child-Like Free Spirit

Pindar Van Arman

For fifteen years Pindar Van Arman has been refining his robots to paint using deep learning neural networks, artificial intelligence, feedback loops and computational creativity.  Pindar is the artist, but his robots can make a surprising number of independent aesthetic decisions.  Pindar’s art won First Place in Robot Art 2018.

Photographs Transform Into Dreamscapes Augmented by AI

Dreamscape Reveries by Daniel Ambrosi are idyllic digital art experiences that immerse you in ultra-high fidelity up to 30,000 pixels wide.  Zoom in well beyond what today’s best screens can showcase. Discover wondrous and unexpected new worlds in your own personal Dreamscape experience.

Daniel Ambrosi

Virtual Worlds Filled with Artificial Life

Kevin Mack

Oscar winner, Kevin Mack creates abstract virtual reality art worlds that are populated with intelligent, expressive artificial-life creatures that exhibit complex emergent behavior. Mack’s work is informed by neuroscience to inspire transcendent states of consciousness, and has been used in medical and therapeutic applications. Mack creates virtual sculptures that are so complex they can only be produced with the most sophisticated 3D printing technology.  Mack’s work in artificial-life and rule-based systems was used to create visual effects for the films, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and FIGHT CLUB and inspired the development of tissue simulation software that has been used for virtual stem cell research. 

Fine Art Paintings that Come to Life

Movement and time largely define our reality.  For over 30 years award winning artist Steve Matson’s passion has been to explore this aspect of our perception through art.  His complex process takes 7-8 months to create one piece. Using traditional paints and brushes, cinematography, digital visual effects,  careful animation. One cannot predict what’s coming next, this inherently creates mystery.  The moment of discovery becomes a continuous experience.

Steve Matson